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On arrival day depending on the time your train arrives at Windermere Station it may not be possible to walk from Windermere to Ambleside.  The bus to Ambleside leaves from the station or we can arrange a taxi to meet you and take you to Brathay Lodge giving you an extra night at the beginning of your holiday.  Just take the bus back to Windermere the next morning and start as Day 1.  You may wish to arrive by car rather than train which isn’t any problem as both guest houses have car parks and you start the walk as above. 

On the final day of your holiday when you reach Ambleside having walked from Coniston you may wish to have an extra night at Brathay Lodge giving you some more time to relax and explore Ambleside.

We can organise luggage transfers for you so you can walk without the worry of carrying heavy bags and on a wet day you know you have something dry waiting for you at your accommodation.   If you ask us to book luggage transfers or taxis for you, the cost of these will be built into the quote for your complete holiday package.  All bus fares or any extra costs are to be paid by yourselves at the time of use.

We have tried and tested the walks ourselves all of them being of a similar length and use good footpaths but this being the Lake District they can get muddy underfoot.  There will be a little road walking where we didn’t have any choice and a few uphill sections (difficult to avoid in the Lake District) but we are not sending you up on any high fells.  Please don’t undertake this holiday if you have been advised against any sort of physical activity for medical reasons.